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Budgeting is painful! A Dynamic Plan makes managing money easy.

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Use Science, Not Brute Force

Budgeting requires discipline to fight against your emotions telling you to buy this or that. A Dynamic Plan gets your emotions working in your favor instead of against you using proven principles of Behavioral Psychology. This means you'll naturally make better financial decisions without having to work at it.


Make Smart Trade-offs

Life doesn't always follow the plan. Instead of forcing you to "stick to a budget," SpendPal shows you what other Category money will be stolen from if you overspend. Research studies have proven that seeing what you'd have give up (your opportunity cost) helps you naturally make better spending decisions.


Only spend 1-2 Minutes A Day Managing Money

Our "waterfall" algorithm automatically fills your spending categories in order of priority, ensuring the most important things are always covered. By automating the busy work of managing money, staying on top of your finances should literally only take 1-2 minutes a day.

Designed in collaboration with

Dr. Dan Ariely's world famous Behavioral Science Lab

Awards & Recognition

Voted Top 5 Fintech Startup of 2017

QC Fintech, Class 6 Alumni

QC Fintech is sponsored by: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Synchrony Financial, Ally Bank | BB&T

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